tiny bits and bites like left-over crackers.

Picture yourself on a train in a station,
With plasticine porters with looking glass ties.
Suddenly someone is there at the turnstile,
The girl with kaleidoscope eyes.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Leather Work I: Hand Stitched Leather Tote

The very first bag I made out of Leather together with Jude:)

A small tote stitched with waxed white thread that goes along the borders, in a j'adorable proportion.
Took two days to assemble the parts all together, but indeed already a reasonable time for the first project:)

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Refined touches in Leather Products

Having recently been drawn into hand-stitched leather goods, I realized that a single different steps or treatment and the proportion of the design can results in very lovely or trashy products. And here are some details of the former:)

I like how the leather is sew normally on one side and flipped to sew onto another piece on the other side, very subtle but good design.

This extra line sewed on with no purpose of function has just styled up the tote with its just-right proportion.

Again, very nice decorative lines for the two sides.

Usually, studs are not my cup of tea, but these tiny ones at the corners are indeed pretty nice.

The above detailed leather products are all from WhiteSycamore, a American shop selling luxury and high quality hand-craft leather products. I especially love their totes because of the really good Silhouette and the adorable 60s flair.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Shopping Tuesday: Lovely handmade leather products from Etsy

La Bicyclette
by queenbee55

The hand-drawn bicycle by ink is not perfect but delicate.

Simple Tote

As simple as it is, the leather stripes are just popped and the cutting is very suitable for a shopping day at the market.

Brown leather handbag with gold plated metal handles

The gold metal handles are just chic.

Leather grocery bag/tote
by landarcht

Very simple silhouette and fine thick leather with appropriate proportions is just  Perfect!

Vintage inspired briefcase/book bag
by landarcht

It will be very nice for a college/ Schoolgirl's look.

Architect's leather plan carrier
by landarcht

Very stylish and considerate design that will attract every artist in the quartier.

Vintage Loewe Kid Leather Bag in Bone, Jackie O Style
Well, its a vintage Loewe, what can I say more?

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Early July: Inspiration for Oil


Since I have been talking about keeping a Journal, Moleskine came to my mine.

The brand, except from being unusually expensive (come on, its just a notebook overall), just keep reminding me of the great people who had used them, like Picasso. (which they often say on the book cover tag) Anyway, I do really believe that keeping daily ideas dropped and marked are very important for creation. As like what Paul Smith has said, everything is an inspiration and if there's none, it is just a problem of lack of observation.

Well, there's no argue of how convininent, clean and chic is Moleskine's classic Black Hard Cover Plain Journal. However, the brand has also published alternatives products that I appreciate a lot of their personalization.

The Film Journal : The Passion Series
Very considerate design that allows you to arrange your favourite films by their names by providing alphabets sections, also themed stickers for labeling the categories of movies.

The Paris Travel Journal : The City Series

Totally perfect for traveler as it has include the city maps and transport routes, information, also basic knowledge for survival in an unfamiliar city. I know I will spend some bucks on a good travel journal to make my trip more memorable!

The Storyboard Pocket Journal : Basics

Imagine if you're a film director or just a short film maker, editor, this will for sure be your dream journal.

Book Binding For Artsy Journalist :)

Here is one classic mini one:

And this is a more creative and easier way of binding:

Now, my favourite, Leather!

Think I am going to spend some time on them this summer because a journal of travel/ movie is what I have been longing to do and my Visual Art Diary too, needs a lot of space to fill words and photos:)